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Add a vault slot

We can create a vault slot associated with a resource in the Credential Vault and a vault segment. We can create a shared vault slot on a resource.

Do not create multiple shared vault slots on the same resource. Only one shared vault slot can exist for a resource. If a second slot is created, it overwrites the first slot.

  1. Select a vault from the menu. The selection list for resources reflects the resources defined for that vault.

  2. Type a Name for the vault slot. The name must be fewer than 255 characters and cannot include the pipe character |.

  3. Select a vault segment from the menu to associate the segment with a resource.

  4. Select the Vault slot is shared check box if the resource is associated with information that provides secure access to more than one user. If we check this box, also enter the following fields:

    • Shared userid

    • Shared password

    • Confirm password

  5. Select one of the following options to associate a vault slot with a resource:

    • Select existing and then, select a vault resource from the menu.

    • Select new and type a vault resource name. The name must be fewer than 64 characters and cannot include the pipe character (|).

  6. Type a vault slot Description. This description must be fewer than 64 characters.

    If we leave the description field blank and we create a locale-specific description, the locale-specific description defaults into this field. If a description is provided in this field, the locale-specific description does not populate this field.

  7. Select Set locale-specific description for more supported languages. Set the language:

    1. Select the Locale.

    2. Click Set selected locale description.

    3. Enter a Description for the locale. This description must be fewer than 64 characters.

    4. Click Done.

  8. Click Done.

  9. Click OK to save the changes.


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