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Administer jobs in a flexible management environment using wsadmin scripting

Use the flexible management environment to locally or remotely submit and manage administrative jobs. Use the job manager to manage applications, modify configurations, and control the application server run time.

We can administer multiple application servers that run customer applications from a management profile containing an administrative agent. The administrative agent provides a single administrative console to administer the application servers.

We can coordinate management actions among multiple deployment managers, asynchronously administer multiple unfederated application servers, and submit jobs to start servers from a management profile containing a job manager. To begin using the job manager to run jobs, register the application server and deployment manager nodes as managed nodes of the job manager.

Use the following steps to use a flexible management environment:

  1. Register nodes with the job manager
  2. Group nodes in a flexible management environment
  3. Run administrative jobs
  4. Run administrative jobs across multiple nodes
  5. Scheduling future administrative jobs
  6. Manage administrative jobs
  7. Administrative job types
  8. AdministrativeJobs .
  9. ManagedNodeGroup .using wsadmin scripting (deprecated)
  10. TargetGroup .
  11. ManagedNodeAgent .
  12. JobManagerNode .
  13. JobManagerUpkeep .


  • Administrative agent
  • Job manager
  • Create management profiles for job managers
  • Create management profiles with administrative agents
  • Administer nodes remotely using the job manager
  • manageprofiles command