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Select a web server topology diagram and roadmap

Install and configure the Web Server Plug-ins to allow the application server to communicate with the web server.

The primary production configuration for a web server is an application server on one machine and a web server on a separate machine. This configuration is referred to as a remote configuration. Contrast the remote configuration to the local configuration, where the application server and the web server are on the same machine.

The Web Server Plug-ins Configuration Tool has three main tasks:

Web server topology tasks

Nonstandard web server port

Tip: If we use a nonstandard web server port (that is, a port other than the default port of 80) we must also perform the following procedure:

  1. Using the administrative console, add the nonstandard port to any required virtual host in WAS, including the default_host if applications are mapped to it.
  2. Regenerate the plug-in.
  3. Propagate the plug-in.
  4. Restart the application server.
  5. Restart the web server.

  • Configure web server plug-ins
  • Configure a web server plug-in using the pct tool