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Start and stop the deployment manager

The deployment manager is an administration application that runs in a special application server, which is created when we install the WebSphere Application Server, Network Deployment product or when we create a management profile using the deployment manager profile template. With the deployment manager, we can administer multiple WAS nodes. The steps describe how we start and stop the deployment manager.

Before we can start or stop the deployment manager, first install the WAS ND product.

Start the deployment manager so that we can manage all the elements of the WAS cell. Stop the deployment manager as needed, such as when migrating to a new version of the WAS ND product, when uninstalling the product, and so on.


We have started the deployment manager and have optionally stopped it.

What to do next

After we start a deployment manager, run the startNode command to start federated application server nodes of the deployment manager. After the deployment manager and nodes are running, we can administer servers and applications on the nodes.

After you stop a deployment manager, run the stopNode command to stop federated application server nodes if they are running. After you stop product processes, the product is no longer running.


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