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Administer nodes and resources

  1. Manage nodes.
  2. Configure cells.
  3. Configure deployment managers.
  4. Manage node agents.
  5. Manage node groups.
  6. Administer stand-alone application servers on the same computer using an administrative agent.
  7. Administer stand-alone application servers and deployment managers remotely using a job manager.
  8. Configure remote file services.
  9. Administration service settings.
  10. Configure location service daemons on the z/OS system.
  11. Change the host name.



  • Managed and unmanaged nodes
  • Node groups
  • Administrative agent
  • Job manager
  • Configuration documents
  • Remote files services for file transfer and file synchronization
  • Add, manage, and remove nodes
  • Configure cells
  • Configure deployment managers
  • Start and stop the deployment manager
  • Start and stop a node
  • View, configure, create, and delete node groups
  • Manage node agents
  • Start and stop the administrative agent
  • Start and stop the job manager
  • Configure remote file services
  • Change the node host names
  • (iSeries) Starting the WAS ND environment
  • (ZOS) Stopping or canceling the z/OS location service daemon from the MVS console
  • (ZOS) Determining if the z/OS location service daemon is running
  • (ZOS) Modifying z/OS location service daemon settings