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Dynamic operations

In a typical environment, there are sometimes static islands of dedicated resources to particular applications. This static structure leads to an inefficient use of resources. Some servers are not used to their full capability, and other servers are overloaded. Intelligent Management increases quality of service by monitoring a virtualized application server environment and making workload management optimizations based on observed data. This capability is referred to as dynamic operations.

Dynamic operations supports the continuous availability of applications using...

Autonomic managers...

Intelligent Management offers the following autonomic managers:

When work enters the on demand router the dynamic workload manager balances the load. As work variations change and the balance of work in the nodes is upset, the application placement controller, autonomic request flow manager, and the dynamic workload manager rebalance running applications to ensure efficient work flows.

For transitioning users: In WebSphere Virtual Enterprise, controllers start automatically as highly available managed items unless explicitly suppressed. In Intelligent Management, controllers are dormant until they detect that they are needed. When the controllers are needed, they become active. When the controllers detect that they are no longer needed, they become dormant again. Controllers that are disabled or are in manual mode do not use this detection capability.trns



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