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Intelligent Management for IHS web servers

In addition to ODRs we can implement Intelligent Management capabilities using Apache or IBM HTTP servers.

All of these capabilities are also available via the ODR. However, the ODR is stabilized.

The following capabilities are not available in the plug-in. Use the ODR for the following scenarios:

When IM is enabled in the WebSphere plug-in, routing information is not defined in the plugin-cfg.xml file. Instead, the plug-in connects to a REST service to dynamically gather routing information for one or more WebSphere cells. The following diagram is an overview of how IM works for Apache and IHS.

The IM daemon process is a single highly available process, which starts automatically when IM is enabled. Each child worker process connects to the IM daemon process to get routing information. The IM daemon connects to an IM REST service via XD_AGENT port of the deployment manager and each node agent. The IM daemon process connects to only one REST service at a time per cell. If the process that the IM daemon is connected to stops or fails, the IM daemon connects to another process hosting the IM REST service. A child worker process does not connect directly to the IM REST service; only the IM daemon process connects to the IM REST service. When IM is enabled, the plugin-cfg.xml file is populated with endpoint information for all XD_AGENT ports: for the deployment manager and for each node agent. The plug-in requires this data to discover routing information in a highly available manner. After the IM daemon connects to an IM REST service and retrieves the initial routing information for the cell, the daemon immediately issues another request, which blocks until a change that affects routing occurs. In this way, the plug-in is immediately notified of configuration or state changes, which are important for routing.

(ZOS) Restriction

IM requires that all configurations support User Datagram Protocol (UDP) traffic. However, Sysplex Distributor does not support UDP traffic in all configurations. When we use Sysplex Distributor for a mobile deployment manager in a configuration that includes IM, the TCP/IP stack of the deployment manager must own Sysplex Distributor. This setup allows UDP traffic to flow and IM to work properly. We can change the ownership of Sysplex Distributor by issuing a VARY TCPIP,,SYSPLEX,DEACTIVATE command.



  • Select a front end for our WAS topology
  • Create and configure ODRs
  • Create health policies