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Export enterprise applications

We can export an enterprise application to a location of your choice.

This topic assumes that you have installed an enterprise application on a server and to export the application. Exporting applications enables you to back up the applications and preserve binding information for the applications. You might export the applications before updating installed applications or migrating to a later version of the product.

To export applications, use the Export button on the Enterprise applications page. Using Export produces an enhanced EAR file containing the application as well as the deployment configuration. The deployment configuration consists of the deployment.xml and other configuration files that control the application behavior on a deployment target.

  1. Click Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications in the console navigation tree to access the Enterprise applications page.

  2. Select the check box beside the application and click Export.

  3. On the Export application EAR files page, click on the link to download the exported EAR file.

  4. Use the browser dialogue to specify a location at which to save the exported EAR file.

  5. Click Back to return to the Enterprise applications page.


The file containing binding information is exported to the specified node and directory, and has the name enterprise_application_name.ear.

Using the Export button to export applications does not export any manual changes that were made to applications in the installedApps directory. To export those changes, you must copy and move the application files manually.

We can edit your exported enhanced EAR file and then reinstall it. By default, installation expands an EAR file in the profile_root/installedApps/cell_name directory. If you specified the $(CELL) variable for Directory to install application on the Select installation options panel of the application installation wizard when we first installed the application, the cell_name directory is the current cell name.

To reinstall the enhanced EAR file, do either of the following:

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