Using Quiz

Quiz activity

This page explains how a quiz is accessed and used by students and teachers. It also offers some hints as to good practice in using the quiz module.


How students take a quiz


If Moodle detects that the student's Internet connection has dropped, and the Quiz autosave feature is enabled, a warning message is displayed, prompting the student to make a note of recent responses.

Quiz autosave is enabled by default, with the default time period set to 2 minutes. This autosave period can be changed, or the setting disabled completely, from Site administration>Plugins>Activity modules>Quiz>Autosave period.

How students review a quiz

Results in a quiz using CBM (Certainty-based marking)

Quizzes using CBM provide detailed feedback relating to accuracy and certainty:

For more information on how CBM works and how students may benefit from it, see Using certainty-based marking

Saving questions and returning later to a quiz

Retaking a quiz

If your teacher has allowed multiple attempts, when you click on the quiz again we will be informed how many attempts you have remaining along with your previous scores.

How teachers view a quiz

Note: Once a quiz has been attempted, it is not possible to add or delete questions unless previous scores are removed.

Commenting on or regrading responses

Messaging students who haven't completed a quiz

Ideas for using Quiz

Quizzes may be used:

  1. as unit or course exams
  2. as mini-tests for reading assignments or at the end of a topic
  3. as exam practice using questions from previous years' exams
  4. to deliver immediate feedback for printed workbook activities
  5. to provide feedback about performance
  6. for self assessment
  7. (with the use of the Question creator role) to allow students to generate their own quiz questions for a practice question bank.

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