Using Feedback



What the student sees

What the teacher sees


Edit questions

The Edit Questions tab will allow them to tweak their questions.



This screen shows a graphical summary of the results of each question:

Show responses

This screen allows for the teacher to see and then delete individual responses if required, and download table data in various formats.

Show non-respondents

Unless the responses are set to anonymous, there will also be a "Show non-respondents" tab where the Teacher or Feedback activity administrator can select some or all users who have not yet completed the feedback and send them a reminder message.

Note: users may be able to control when or how they receive this message, depending on the configuration of Messaging Outputs on your particular site. See here for details.

Why use Feedback?

Guest surveys

Anonymously, on the front page, non-logged in users such as parents can be questioned on their opinions about, eg, the website design, school policies, school meals.

To set up a guest survey, you need to enable some settings at site level, see How can I allow non-logged in users to give feedback? in Feedback FAQ

Sign up!

Guests can be invited to sign up for events/courses via the feedback module.

Contact us

Non-logged in users can use an instance of the feedback module as a "contact us" form.

Anti-bullying surveys

Students can be asked to highlight anonymously any incidences of bullying, along with their location and type.

Making choices

Students can select course modules or subjects they wish to study in a subsequent year/semester. The results can be exported and collated to match availability.

Use of Moodle!

Staff can be surveyed on which Moodle modules they use/would like more training in

IT Skills audit

Staff - or students - can be surveyed to discover their IT skills and weaknesses to highlight training needs.

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