Private files



The private files area

Each user has a private files area for uploading and managing a set of files. If enabled by the administrator, users can also email files to their private files area.

The private files area can be accessed from the Navigation drawer in the Boost theme or the My private files block. If the private files repository is enabled by a site admin, it is available as a source within the filepicker when selecting files to use in a course.

Private files management

To add a file to your private files area

  1. If we are using the Boost theme navigate to the Private files link. Alternatively, navigate to your dashboard and to the Private files block.
  2. Click the link 'Manage private files'
  3. The file manager will appear.
  4. If desired, create a folder for the file(s)
  5. Click on the Add button to upload from the File picker or drag and drop from our desktop. It will look like the files are already there, but they aren't until you do the next step!
  6. Click the 'Save changes' button

Emailing private files as an attachment

Making an alias/shortcut to a file in the private files area

If a file is uploaded into your private files area, it is possible when using it elsewhere on Moodle to select it as an alias/shortcut. This means that if you update the file in your private files area, it will automatically update elsewhere on Moodle.

See Working with files for more information.

Private files size limit

The size limit for each user's private files area is set by a site administrator in User quota in Administration > Site administration > Security > Site policies.

Preventing access to Private files

Private files capabilities