Performance settings



Performance settings

Various performance settings can be changed by an administrator in Administration > Site administration > Server > Performance.

The setting "Maximum time limit" lets you restrict the maximum PHP execution time that Moodle will allow without any output being displayed. If you have a front-end server with its own time limit, set this value lower to receive PHP errors in logs.

Other site administration settings which may affect performance

config.php settings which may affect performance

Increasing the value of CONTEXT_CACHE_MAX_SIZE may reduce the number of database queries for certain pages. It will also increase memory usage, so be careful.

// Moodle 2.3: Increasing this from the default saved about > 1000 db queries on the course/index.php page for 
// a Moodle having 1250 course categories.
// This value is specified in lib/accesslib.php, but it's OK to add a define for it in config.php:
define('CONTEXT_CACHE_MAX_SIZE', 7500);

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