Page resource settings



Add a new page to our course



Whatever you type here will form the link learners click on to view the page so it is helpful to give it a name that suggests its purpose.


Add a description of your page here. Click "Show editing tools" to display the rich text editor, and drag the bottom right of the text box out to expand it.

Display description on the course page

If this box is ticked, the description will appear on the course page just below the name of the page.


Add your page content here. We can use the features of the Text editor to add media, images, links and more.


(These settings are collapsed by default.)

Choose here whether or not to display the page description along with the page content when a user clicks on the page.

If the administrator has allowed both 'open' and 'pop-up' as display options (from Administration>Site administration>Plugins>Activity modules>Page), we will have additional display settings here.

Common module settings

See Common module settings

Restrict access/Activity completion

(These settings are collapsed by default)

These settings are visible if Conditional activities and Activity completion have been enabled in the site and the course.

Page module capabilities

Site administration settings

The page module has additional settings which may be changed by an administrator in Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Page.

Available display options

This setting allows us to add different ways the resource may be displayed on the course page.

Default values for activity settings

Here we can set the defaults for this resource. We can also choose which setting(s) to class as "Advanced". These settings will only then appear if the user clicks "Show advanced" in the settings.

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