Working with media

Moodle allows teachers and students to upload and display images from a variety of sources via the image icon of the text editor.Course pages can be enhanced with images (or banners) in each section. Assignments can include images for extra clarification. Images attached to forum posts or quiz questions will appear embedded. See the screencast: Adding images.

Moodle accepts .jpg,.png,.svg and .gif formats.


Uploading and displaying an image from your computer

Editing an uploaded image

Dragging and dropping an image

Displaying an image already online

Method 1

Method 2

Add an image from image hosting sites like Flickr

Why is there no 'Browse repositories' option available?

The filepicker and text editor in Moodle are affected if there are any Javascript errors in the page. So if you see any missing buttons etc. the first thing to check for is any errors in the Javascript console (F12 in Firefox or IE9+).

The second thing to mention is that some text areas in Moodle support uploading files and some do not. There are reasons why a particular area does or doesn't support files such as the ability to backup/restore or compatibility with other areas in Moodle such as the gradebook. If a text editor does not support file areas, we can still use images, but only by entering the URL to an image already hosted somewhere else on the internet.