Export questions

Managing questions

Questions may be exported from the Quiz module and the Question bank in any one of 3 formats:

Questions may be exported into Word format using a contributed plugin, Word table format. These can then be easily used to support offline review and editing of all components of a set of questions, or to create paper tests. Questions may also be exported into an alternative HTML tabular format using another contributed plugin, HTML table format. This format displays all components of a question, for easier offline review.

Note: Images are only included if you export the questions using Moodle XML format.

Note: If you export questions from a Moodle 1.9 server, the exported file might contain only the relative URL to the image hosted in the 1.9 server, while exported questions from Moodle 2.x and 3.x severs might contain the actual image encoded in base 64. This explains why some question bank import-export operations include all the images and some others don't.


Example uses of exported files

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