Course overview report

Site-wide reports

An administrator can generate course overview reports in Administration > Site administration > Reports > Course overview. Statistics must be enabled first.

We can choose to view reports of the most active courses or the most participatory courses over a certain time period. Results are displayed in a bar chart and in a table.

These reports refer to the concepts of Activity, Views and Posts.


Report examples

Report measures

What is Activity? Activity = number of Views + number of Posts from users in the course, over the period of interest.

What's the difference between a View and a Post?

When a user accesses a resource or activity, these actions are usually captured in the Moodle site database, ready for counting when a Course Overview Report is run. However, some 3rd-party modules do not have the code necessary to register a View or Post action, and so such activities are not captured.

Available reports

Here's a list of View and Post action reports, with a brief summary of the type of reports.

Core module reports

Some contributed module reports

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