Course categories


Course categories organize courses for all Moodle site participants. The default course category on a new Moodle site is "Miscellaneous" (although this can be renamed) A Course creator, Administrator or Manager can put all courses in the Miscellaneous category. However, teachers and students will find it easier to find their classes if they are organized in descriptive categories.

The list of courses within a category by default shows the teachers and the summary of each course. If the number of courses within a category exceeds 9 (10 or more), then a short list without teachers and summary is shown.


Add a category

Most people organize their courses by department and college or by topic. Be sure to test the organizational scheme with a few users before entering a large number of courses, to save time in moving them later.

Adding categories is very simple:

If the category is visible, the course category description will be displayed to users when they enter the category, above the list of courses.

Editing or moving a category

Add sub-categories

Hiding categories

Sorting categories

Categories may be sorted by ascending/descending names or ID numbers from Administration>Site administration>Courses>Manage courses and categories

Courses within categories may also be sorted. See Adding a new course

Setting category depth

We can limit the number of categories that are displayed in the front page 'List of Categories' or 'Combo List' from Administration>Site administration>Front page>Front page settings Deeper level categories will appear as links and the user can expand them.

Assigning users a role in a course category

To assign a Manager at the Category level, see Assign Manager role at category level.

To enrol teacher or students roles category wide, see Category enrolments.

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