Category enrolments



About category enrolments

The category enrolments plugin allows users to be enrolled in all courses within a category. The plugin will synchronise any role assignments at category context with the capability enrol/category:synchronised set to allow.

Warning: The use of the category enrolments plugin may cause performance problems. If so, it is recommended that you use Cohort sync instead, though this will require a cohort sync enrolment method to be added to each course in the category.

Enabling category enrolments

To use category enrolments, it must be enabled by an administrator in Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins.

Enroling users to a category

NOTE: The roles you see here are roles which have been assigned at the category context and which we are able to assign i.e. the role has been checked in Site administration > Accounts > Users > Permissions > Define roles > Allow role assignments.

Assigning teachers or students to a category

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