Building Lesson

Lesson activity

This page is about how to structure a Moodle lesson once you have created it with the Lesson settings. For information on how best to use a Moodle lesson and how students approach it, see Using Lesson


Planning your lesson

Add content and questions to your lesson

Import questions

Add a cluster

Add a content page

Page title

Page contents


Number of options available

The Jump

Add a question page

Note: Short answer questions and Numeric questions only have the plain text editor in the answer field, as below:

Question types


The file picker is available in the editor so that images and other media may be uploaded as part of the answers and responses.


See Using Lesson for more information on grading essays. If the main purpose of your lesson is for students to write an essay, consider the Assignment module instead.

Note: Non-editing teachers may also grade lesson essay questions, even though they cannot edit the lesson itself.



Short answer

We can include 5 or more underscores in the question text and these will be replaced for the student by the answer box. (This also means that fill in the blank questions may be imported from Blackboard and other LMS.) Including more underscores will make the answer box wider.


Moving your lesson forward

Collapsed view

Expanded view

Ending your lesson