Working with media

Note: This page covers audio (sound files) which are added to a course by the teacher for students to listen to. See Speech tools if we are looking for ways to allow your students or teachers to record directly into Moodle or engage in audio conferencing.

Audio is a very powerful tool to use in a Moodle course, allowing students, for example to catch up on lectures they missed, learn from podcasts, or improve their language skills by listening to native speakers interact. To use audio in Moodle to best effect, the Multimedia plugins filter must be enabled. For hints on creating your own audio files, see the Advanced Audio page.


Types of audio (sound) files

Ways of displaying audio

Linking to a sound file online elsewhere

Uploading audio

New feature
in Moodle 3.3!

Embedding a sound file in its own player

Using the Moodle media icon

Using a hyperlink

(Note - this method has no advantage over using the media icon, but was popular in older versions of Moodle)

Using embed code to display online audio

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