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Add a course

By default a regular teacher can't add a new course. To add a new course to Moodle, you need to have either Administrator, Course Creator or Manager rights.

To add a course:

Deleting a course

Teachers cannot delete courses. Managers (i.e. users with a role for which the capability moodle/course:delete is allowed) can delete courses and course creators can delete courses they have created themselves, but only within 24 hours of creating the course. This is so that courses created by mistake may be deleted without needing to ask an administrator.

Administrators can always delete courses.

To delete a course (as an admin or manager):

  1. From the Site administration link, click Courses > Manage courses and categories
  2. Click the course's category and click the course in the screen on the right.
  3. Click the Delete link.

We can delete multiple courses by:

There is no user interface for course creators to delete courses they have created; however they can do so by editing the URL of the course from to (replacing 'view' with 'delete').

Sorting courses

Courses may be sorted by an admin or manager from Administration>Site administration>Courses>Manage courses and categories.

Courses may be sorted by ascending/descending and by time created.

Course requests

The course request feature can be enabled by an administrator in Administration > Site administration > Courses > Course request.

An admin can set the default category for course requests, whether users can select a category when requesting a course, and who can receive notification of course requests (from a list of users with the capability moodle/site:approvecourse).

A 'Request a new course' button will then appear on the 'All courses' page. The All courses page can be accessed via a link in the Courses block.

If course requests are enabled, by default all authenticated users can make course requests. See Course requester role for details of how to restrict users who can make course requests.

Bulk course creation

For full details on how to bulk create courses and use course templates, see Upload courses.

  1. Go to Administration > Site Administration > Courses > Upload courses.
  2. Upload a CSV file either by dragging and dropping or using the button to select from the File picker.
  3. Select your import options and click Preview. If the settings are acceptable, click Upload.

Course templates

It is possible, from Administration>Site Administration>Courses>Upload courses to specify a course and settings to use as template for future courses.

Default blocks for new courses can also be configured in config.php.

Using an existing course as a template

First, create or locate on your Moodle the course you wish to use as a template and make a note of its shortname. A template course might for example have common headings or section summaries or policy agreements used throughout the site for consistency.

Note that only the content of the course will be restored; not its settings. Settings are added separately.

Method 1

Method 2


Using a backup course as a template

It is possible during the process of creating courses with a csv file in Site administration>Administration>Courses>Upload courses to specify and upload a backup file to be used as a template.

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