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Raw data reports

Use the raw data reports feature to extract raw data to different databases and view it in the form of reporting tables. Analytics information about applications and adapters usage includes...

To enable the raw data reports feature:

  1. Stop the Worklight application server

  2. Create a separate database for reports

  3. Edit and set...


  4. Modify wl.reports.db properties contain the database settings

  5. Set the URL of the database to be used for raw data...


  6. Restart the application server.

The app_activity_report table of the raw data database is populated with data as you begin using your applications and adapters.

The data app_activity_report table contains:

Column Description
GADGET_NAME IBM Worklight Application name
GADGET_VERSION Application version
ACTIVITY Activity type
ENVIRONMENT Application environment name (iPhone, Android, and so on)
SOURCE User identifier
ADAPTER IBM Worklight adapter name
PROC IBM Worklight adapter procedure name
USERAGENT User agent from HTTP header of client device
SESSION_ID Unique identifier for the user’s session on the server
IP_ADDRESS IP address of the client
DEVICE_IDn Unique device ID
DEVICE_MODEL Manufacturer model, for example Galaxy I9000
DEVICE_OS Device operating system version

Possible activities include:

Activity Description
Init Application initialization
Login Successful authentication using the application
Adoption New Not supported in version 5.0
Adoption Not supported in version 5.0
Query Procedure call to an adapter
Logout User logout

In addition to predefined activity types, custom activities can be logged using...

Worklight raw data feed can grow quite fast (tens of gigabytes). The data is typically used by a BI system such as Cognos or Business Objects. It is the administrator’s responsibility to purge built-in tables periodically.

In addition to the app_activity_report table, the raw data engine also populates the notification_report table. This raw data table contains information about notifications sent from SMS event sources.

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