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Worklight server device usage reports

WL server runs an analytics data processor task, at a default time interval of every 24 hours, that retrieves raw entries from the app_activity_report table and processes them to populate the fact_activities table.

The fact_activities table contains...

The fact_activities data is also processed and put into the activities_cube table, which has the same structure as the fact_activities table, but only contains records for the last 30 days.

Each time the above data processing is performed, a timestamp is added to a proc_report table with the processing result (timestamp and number of processed entries).

In addition, notification_report table data is also processed to populate the notification_activities table with consolidated data. This is populated in the same way as the fact_activities table. Every time the notification_report table data is processed, an entry is added to the notification_proc_report table, which is similar to the proc_report table.

The processing interval can be modified by adding the following property to your file and setting the required interval in seconds.

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