Configuring WebSphere Application Server for Oracle manually

IBM Worklight V5.0.5. automatically configures your databases. However, if you are using an older version of IBM Worklight, or if you are experiencing problems with the automatic configuration process for the WebSphere Application Server, you must manually set up and configure your Oracle database and then the WebSphere Application Server for Oracle. Complete the Oracle database setup procedure before continuing.

  1. Set up the JDBC provider:

    1. In the WebSphere Application Server console, click Resources > JDBC > JDBC Providers > New.

    2. Set the scope of the JDBC connection to cells:ndcell.

    3. Complete the JDBC Provider fields:

    4. Set Database type to Oracle.

    5. Set Provider type to Oracle JDBC Driver.

    6. Set Implementation type to Connection pool data source.

    7. Set Name to Oracle JDBC Driver.

    8. Click Next.

    9. Set the class path for the ojdbc6.jar file, for example /home/Oracle-jar/ojdbc6.jar.

    10. Click Next.

      The JDBC provider is created.

  2. Create a data source for the IBM Worklight database:

    1. Click Resources > JDBC > Data sources > New.

    2. Set Data source name to Oracle JDBC Driver DataSource.

    3. Set JNDI name to jdbc/WorklightDS.

    4. Click Next.

    5. Click Select an existing JDBC provider and select Oracle JDBC driver from the list.

    6. Click Next.

    7. Set the URL value to jdbc:oracle:thin:@ host_ip_address:1521/ORCL.

    8. Click Next twice.

    9. Click Resources > JDBC > Data sources > Oracle JDBC Driver DataSource > Custom properties.

    10. Set oracleLogPackageName to oracle.jdbc.driver.

    11. Set databaseName to worklight.

    12. Set portNumber to 1521.

    13. Set dataSourceName = worklight.

    14. Set user = worklight.

    15. Set password = worklight.

  3. Create a data source for the IBM Worklight reports database, following the instructions in step 2, but using the JNDI namejdbc/WorklightReportsDS.

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