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Migrate an application that uses the server programming model

Migrate a mobile app using the IBM Worklight server programming model, which shows how to extend apps to use IBM Worklight server-side facilities.

The server programming model is an alternative model to the client programming model. Applications use the server programming model if they use server-side generated web content, such as JSPs and JSF for rendering HTML. Compared to natively packaged apps, remote loading of resources reduces network performance.

  1. Create a project structure according to the IBM Worklight Environment Model.

    Required for creating a native shell for each mobile platform. The shell is a simple Cordova instance that loads a remote resource from the application server.

  2. Continue to use the deviceTheme feature for default Dojo mobile themes.


  3. Use "has" feature detection for device operating-system-specific behaviors.


  4. Determine dependencies for your mobile application:

    1. Create a custom Dojo layer for core Dojo and Dojox mobile libraries.
    2. Create a custom Dojo layer for common application Dojo libraries.
    3. Create a custom Dojo layer for any platform-specific Dojo libraries.

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