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WL.Client.onShow, WL.Client.onHide

Specify widget behavior on showing and hiding, in Apple OS X.

Deprecated in Worklight version 5.0.5. Support might be removed in any future version.

Applicable only to widgets that are running on Apple OS X Dashboard.

Widgets running on Apple OS X Dashboard can be shown or hidden by pressing F12 on the Apple computer keyboard. Developers of OS X Dashboard widgets are instructed to stop any background processing while the widgets are hidden.

To specify the widget behavior on showing and hiding it, provide an implementation for the WL.Client.onShow and WL.Client.onHide methods. Neither of these methods take any parameters.

In the initialization function, assign myOnShow() and myOnHide() to WL.Client.onShow() and WL.Client.onHide():

WL.Client.onShow = myOnShow;
WL.Client.onHide = myOnHide;

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