Add a service request

You can use service request elements in tests to send a request to the service.

To add service request element:

  1. Open the test in the test editor, and select the first element in the test.

  2. Click Add and select Web Service Request. The Web Service Request wizard opens.

  3. Select one or several WSDL files in workspace for the Web service to test and click Next. If necessary, you can import a WSDL file into the workspace with the Import button.

  4. Select a Web service port from the WSDL file and click Next.

  5. Select either HTTP, JMS, or WebSphere MQ depending on the transport protocol used by the Web service, and provide the correct transport protocol configuration to perform the call. You can create a New transport configuration or reuse an existing one.

  6. Click Finish. This creates the Web service request in the test editor.

  7. On the Message page of the request, select the Form, Tree, or Source views to edit the service request contents.

  8. If any resource files are to be attached to the request, select the Attachment tab. Use Add, Remove, or Edit to specify the resources that are to be attached to the request.

  9. If the service uses encryption, signature or other security protocols, select the Security for Request and Security for Response pages to configure the security for this particular service request or to open the WSDL security editor.

What to do next

After creating elements, you can use the test editor to edit service requests. You can create a service response element to test the performance and behavior of the service. You can also replace some content values with datapool variables or a references.