Functional Tester architecture

Rational Functional Tester can be extended to perform additional functions for which it needs to communicate with the application under test (AUT). To do that Functional Tester first establishes a communication channel to the AUT which is called enablement.

Functional Tester currently supports testing Java , .Net, HTML, Siebel, SAP, AJAX, Flex, and native Microsoft Windows GUI Controls and each of these supported environments are known as domains. Establishing the communication channel is specific to a domain. You must establish a communication channel for every process and then you need to test the channel. Functional Tester interacts with the AUT process and its controls through the established communication channel to get required information. As part of establishing communication, Functional Tester creates the DomainImplementation object instance in the AUT, which in turn abstracts and acts as an interface to provide domain specific details back toFunctional Tester. The DomainImplementation object does the following tasks: