Work with test agents

Test agents are remote computers that are capable of running test scripts.

Before you begin

You can use Rational TestManager or Rational ClearQuest® Test Manager to coordinate remote testing activities from a local computer.

To run test scripts remotely, perform the following steps:


  1. Install Rational Functional Tester on the local computer.

  2. Install either IBM Rational TestManager v7.0.1.2 or Rational ClearQuest Test Manager on the local computer.

  3. To work with TestManager, install the Rational Test Agent software, located on the TestManager CD, and the Rational Agent Controller on the remote agent.

  4. To work with Rational ClearQuest Test Manager, install the Rational Agent Controller on the remote agent. (You can install just the Rational Agent Controller or the full Rational Functional Tester .)

  5. Start the Rational Test Agent software or the IBM Rational Agent Controller on the remote computer.

  6. Enable environments on the remote system.

  7. Configure applications to run on the remote system.