Purchasing licenses

You can purchase new licenses if your current product license is about to expire or if you want to acquire additional product licenses for team members.

To purchase licenses and enable your product, complete the following steps:


  1. Determine the type of license you want to purchase.

  2. Go to ibm.com® or contact your IBM sales representative to purchase the product license. For details, visit the IBM Web page on How to buy software.

  3. Depending on the type of license you purchase, use the Proof of Entitlement you receive and do one of the following to enable your product:

    • If you purchase Authorized User licenses for your product, go to Passport Advantage® and follow the instructions there for downloading your product activation kit .zip file. Once you have downloaded the activation kit, import the product activation .jar file using Installation Manager.

    • If you purchase Floating licenses for your product, click the link to the IBM Rational ® Licensing and Download site, login (IBM registration is required), and then select the link to connect to the IBM Rational License Key Center. There you can use your Proof of Entitlement to obtain floating license keys for your license server.

      Optionally, you can also go to Passport Advantage to download the activation kit for your product. After importing the activation kit, you have the option of switching from a floating to a permanent license type if you use your computer offline for long periods.

What to do next

When you want to import the activation kit or enable floating license support for your product, use the Manage Licenses wizard in IBM Installation Manager.