Import a product activation kit

To install your permanent license key, import the activation kit from the download location or the product media by using IBM Installation Manager.

Before you begin

If you have not purchased an activation kit, do this first. If you have purchased a product or a product activation kit, insert the appropriate CD or download the activation kit from IBM Passport Advantage® to an accessible workstation. The activation kit is packaged as a .zip file containing a Java archive (.jar) file. The .jar file contains the permanent license key and must be imported to activate your product.

To import an activation kit .jar file and enable the new license key:


  1. Start IBM Installation Manager.

  2. On the main page, click Manage Licenses.

  3. Select a package and click the Import Activation Kit button.

  4. Click Next. Details for the selected package are shown, including the current license kind and the product version range of the license.

  5. Browse to the path on the media CD or download location for the activation kit; then select the appropriate Java archive (JAR) file and click Open.

  6. Click Next. The Summary page displays the target install directory for the activation kit, the product the new license applies to, and version information.

  7. Click Finish.


The product activation kit with its permanent license key is imported to the product. The Manage Licenses wizard indicates whether the import is successful.