Enable environments on Test Agents

This topic describes how to enable test environments on test agents.

Before you begin

The first time you start Rational Functional Tester , it automatically enables your environment for running functional test scripts. If you add a browser or add a new Java environment, enable the new browser or Java environment.

If you use TestManager or Rational ClearQuest® Test Manager to coordinate your testing activities and run a functional test script on a test agent computer, enable environments on the agent computer that runs the script.

To enable environments:


  1. Do one of the following to start the Enabler.

    1. For Windows : Change to the directory where the rational_ft.jar file is located (by default, <product installation directory>\FunctionalTester\bin) and then from the command line, type:

      java -jar rational_ft.jar -enable

      You may also need to type the full path to the IBM JRE, which can be found, by default, at <product installation directory>\SDP\jdk\jre\bin .

    2. For Linux : From the command line, type: /opt/IBM/SDP/ft_cmdline -enable

  2. When the Enabler starts, click the Web Browsers tab to enable browsers.

  3. Click the Java Environments tab to enable Java environments.

  4. Click OK.