Accessing Web-based help

Help for your product is available on a product information center on the Internet. You can view this help from within the product.

Before you begin

During installation, the option to access help content from a remote information center was selected. This is the default selection.

Your product help system can retrieve content installed with the product and content from a remote server running an information center. The information center for your product has the most current help content and when your product is configured to retrieve content from a remote information center, the contents of the information center can be accessed by selecting Help > Help Contents to open your help system.

The information center for your product is available from the following URL:

Follow these steps to check your connection to the information center:


  1. Click Windows > Preferences to open the Preferences window

  2. Select Help > Content.

  3. Ensure that Include help content from a remote infocenter is selected.

  4. Ensure that the URL for your product information center is in the list of available information centers. If your information center is not listed, complete the following steps:

    1. Click Add.

    2. In the Name field, type a name for the connection.

    3. In the Host field, type

    4. In the Path field, type /infocenter/rfthelp/v8r1.

    5. Select Use default port.

    6. Click OK.

  5. Select the entry for your product information center.

  6. Click Test Connection.


Connection Successful is displayed if the connection is made. If Connection failed is displayed, verify that you have an active Internet connection and check the settings.