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Lesson 1: Set up the development environment

In this lesson, you set up the development environment for enabling the Flex application for functional testing.

To set up the Flex development environment:

  1. Copy the automation_agent.swc file from C:/Program Files/Adobe/frameworks/libs directory to C:/Program Files/Adobe/Flex SDK 2/frameworks/libs directory.

  2. Copy the automation_agent_rb.swc file from C:/Program Files/Adobe/frameworks/locale/en_US directory to C:/Program Files/Adobe/Flex SDK 2/frameworks/locale/en_US directory.

    Important: This path is for en_US locale. If you are using a different locale, replace en_US with that locale.

    The automation framework is a part of Flex 3.0. Hence the above steps are not required for Flex 3.0.

Now you are ready to configure the Flex application.

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