Rational Functional Tester and Tivoli Composite Application Manager

IBM Rational Functional Tester can be integrated with IBM Tivoli® Composite Application Manager. You can schedule the interval at which the application manager agent runs to track the response time and generate logs using IBM Rational Functional Tester scripts.

Before you begin

Before you start using the IBM Rational Functional Tester integration feature with IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager, verify that the following prerequisites are met:

Database: DB2®

Features and sub components:

Products versions:

To integrate IBM Rational Functional Tester with Tivoli Composite Application Manager:


  1. Install IBM Rational Functional Tester.

  2. Install Tivoli Composite Application Manager plug-ins into the Eclipse shell so that Rational Functional Tester is configured to work with application manager.

  3. Click File > Export and select ITCAM under Other section to export IBM Rational Functional Tester scripts to Tivoli Composite Application Manager.

  4. Schedule the script execution from Tivoli Composite Application Manager. At the scheduled interval, application manager agent runs the scripts and transaction logs gets generated.