Set up IBM Rational Agent Controller for Functional Tester execution from ClearQuest Test Manager

For execution of Functional Tester scripts from ClearQuest TestManager , the IBM Rational Agent Controller (RAC) must be configured and run manually. The configuration is required on the agent computer on which Functional Tester scripts will be executed. RAC must be configured to accept execution requests from ClearQuest Test Manager clients.

To set up RAC for Functional Tester execution from ClearQuest Test Manager:


  1. Stop the IBM RAC service.

    1. Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Component Services.

    2. Click Services.

    3. Right-click IBM Rational Agent Controller and click Properties.

    4. In the General tab, click Stop under Service status.

    5. Change the startup type to Manual, and click OK.

    You must have Administrator privileges to stop the service.

  2. Verify that the path to the installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is set on the system PATH environment variable list.

    1. Open the DOS command prompt window and go the Agent Controller bin directory. For example: C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70Shared\AgentController\bin.

    2. Type SetConfig and press Enter.

    3. Follow the command prompts in the SetConfig.

      • Specify the fully qualified java.exe path: This should be set to the JRE installed with the IBM test product. For example, C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70Shared\AgentController\jre\bin\java.exe.

      • Network access mode: Type ALL.

      • Security enabled: Type False.

      • Use the default values for all the remaining prompts.

  3. At the C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70Shared\AgentController\jre\bin prompt, type RAServer to start the Agent Controller.