Collecting IBM Rational Functional Tester error logs

While working with IBM Rational Functional Tester, you might encounter some problems that you can easily troubleshoot. If you are unable to troubleshoot the problem, you can contact IBM Software Support. Gather all the required background information and provide the details to the IBM Software Support for investigation. In addition to the background information, also generate the error logs and provide those files to the support team.

To generate IBM Rational Functional Tester error logs:


  1. Close IBM Rational Functional Tester.

  2. Open the file, and modify the following parameters. This file is available at: Functional Tester installation directory\Functional Tester\bin\

    1. To enable debugging, set the following flags to true:

      • rational.test.ft.debug.enabled=true

      • rational.test.ft.debug.native_to_file=true

    2. To generate a more detailed debugging report, change the rational.test.ft.debug.filter=default,1; to default,3

    3. Optional: Specify the name and location of the debug file by modifying this parameter rational.test.ft.debug.filename=C:/ivDebug.txt . By default, the ivDebug.txt file is generated in the C:\ directory.

  3. Save the file.

  4. Optional: Open IBM Rational Functional Tester. You can collect the errors and warning messages into a log file (rft_log.txt). Similarly, you can collect debug information as trace data into a trace file (rft_trace.txt). To set the preferences for logging and tracing through an user interface; click Window > Preferences. In the left pane, expand Functional Test and click Logging and Tracing.

  5. Open IBM Rational Functional Tester, if not already open, and perform the operation that caused the problem.

  6. Send the generated ivDebug.txt file to IBM Software Support.

  7. Optional: You can also send the generated rft_log.txt, and rft_trace.txt files along with the ivDebug.txt file to IBM Software Support.

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