ScriptAssure page-standard

During playback, Functional Tester compares objects in the application-under-test with recognition properties in the test object map. You use the ScriptAssure(TM) Standard page to control object-matching sensitivity during playback. This feature enables you to successfully play back scripts when the application-under-test has been updated.

The ScriptAssure(TM) Standard page has the following controls:

Recognition Level -- Controls the level of recognition when identifying objects during script playback. To decrease tolerance for differences between the object in the application-under-test and the recognition properties, move the slider toward Strict. To increase the tolerance for differences, move the slider toward Tolerant.

Warning Level -- Specifies when to be warned about differences between the object and the recognition properties. To increase the number of warnings, move the slider toward High. To decrease the number of warnings, move the slider toward None.

Advanced -- Displays the Advanced ScriptAssure Preferences page, which enables advanced users to set thresholds for recognition scores.

Restore Defaults -- Restores the default values on this page.

Apply -- Saves your changes without closing the dialog box.

Changes you make on this page are reflected in the ScriptAssure(TM) Page-Advanced.

To open: Click Window > Preferences . In the left pane, expand Functional Test, expand Playback, and click ScriptAssure.

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