Rational projects and the Rational Administrator

When you create a Functional Tester project, you can use the project stand-alone, or associate it with a Rational project to take advantage of the Functional Test integration features with TestManager.

You must install Rational Administrator and Rational TestManager to associate a Functional Tester project with a Rational project.

Note About TestManager Integration: Functional Tester is integrated with Rational TestManager version 7.0.2. If you have the 7.0.2 version of TestManager, you will be able to use the integrated features of Functional Tester and TestManager.

To associate a Functional Tester project with a Rational project, first create a Rational project using the Rational Administrator. For more detailed information about creating a Rational project, see the Rational Administrator Help.

A Rational project stores software testing and development information. All Rational components on your computer update and retrieve data from the same project.

A Rational project can consist of the following projects or associated projects:

Security and privileges

When administrators create Rational projects using the Administrator, they determine the security of the Rational Test project.

For any Rational project, administrators can create test groups with specific write and administration privileges, and they can create test users and assign them to test groups. The test users take on the privileges of the test groups to which they are assigned. For more information about security and privileges, see the Administrator Help.

The write or administration privileges that you set for a Rational project do not affect a Functional Test project that you associate with a Rational project.