Run a script from Functional Tester

When you run a script from Functional Tester, it plays back all of your recorded actions, such as starting an application, the actions you perform in the application, verification points, and stopping the application.

Before you begin

To run a script from Functional Tester:


  1. Configure your application for testing by setting the appropriate Java environment or Web browser to run the application.

  2. Run the script in any of the following ways:

    • In the Functional Tester Projects view, click a script and click Run Functional Tester Script in the Functional Tester toolbar.

    • In the Functional Tester Projects view, right-click a script and click Run.

    • In the Functional Tester Projects view, click a script and then click Script > Run.

    The Script Launch Wizard appears.

  3. Optional: If you want to prevent the Script Launch Wizard from displaying when you run a test script, do the following:

    1. Click Windows > Preferences .

    2. Click Functional Tester > Playback > Logging.

    3. On the Logging options page, click the Don't show script launch wizard check box.

  4. On the Select Log page, keep the default log name or select a log name.

  5. Optional: You can enter run arguments or set a datapool iteration count:

    1. Click Next to display the Specify Playback Options page.

    2. In the Run arguments field, enter or select command-line arguments to pass to the script if required.

    3. In the Datapool Iteration Count field, select a number or Iterate Until Done to specify how many times a test script runs when you run the test script.

  6. Click Finish to begin running a test script.


The Playback Monitor starts and provides information as the script plays back. If the Playback Monitor does not appear, check the settings in the Playback Monitor Preferences Page.

After the script runs, a log file displays. If a log does not display, in Functional Tester, check the settings in the Logging Preferences Page.


What to do next

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