IBM Practices

To help your business improve how it develops and delivers software and systems, IBM Rational has developed a set of best practices called IBM Practices. The IBM Practices are techniques for achieving technology and business goals, and for solving common problems along the way.

IBM Practices are geared toward Agile development teams, and include guidance on how to adopt each practice and customizable assets to get you started. Each practice can be adopted on its own, or in concert with other practices.

Each practice targets specific business objectives, such as time-to-market or increased productivity. Selecting a practice to adopt is as simple as deciding what business objectives you want to address.

The IBM Practices are designed to be tool-independent: They do not require that you use Rational software. However, Rational software products are designed to promote and support IBM Practice adoption. In relevant places in Rational product help, you will find references and links to information about corresponding practices. Follow the links to learn more about how adopting particular practices can improve your development and delivery.

See IBM Practices on developerWorks for more information about practices, overviews of key practices, and links to enablement materials for each, including papers and courseware.