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Work with expired items

Expired items are items that were once published but have since been removed from the live website. Only items that use a workflow can be expired.

Use the following buttons to work with expired items within a workflow.

table assumes contributor access or higher to the library.
Actions Function Item Access Role access to library resources
Approve When joint approval is set, button is used to approve an item in the All Items and My Items views. Reviewer or administrator. Contributor access or higher to the item type.
Create draft Creates a draft copy of an expired item. Manager access or higher, or Draft Creator access. Editor access or higher to the item type.
Next Stage Approve an item and send it to the next stage in a workflow. For expired items, additional workflow stages may include further actions that will be run after an item has been expired. Reviewer access. Contributor access or higher to the item type.
Previous Stage The previous stage button returns an item to the stage previous to the current stage.

  • If the current stage contains an expire action, the item status will revert to published when returned to the previous stage and will be visible on the live site.

  • When an item is moved to the previous stage, the entry workflow actions on the previous stage are executed, but the exit workflow actions on the current stage are not.

Manager access or higher, or on workflow stages that have been configured to enable Reviewers access to the previous stage button. Contributor access or higher to the item type.
Process now Manually expires an item if its status is pending expired. All actions in the stage are processed. Administrator access Not required.
Restart workflow Sends an item back to the first stage of a Workflow without activating the reject stage. The item no longer appears as published and is removed from the rendered site.

When we restart a workflow, any actions set to run on entering the first stage will not be executed.

When we restart a workflow with multiple stages, a draft item is created in the first stage. In addition to this, the item will also appear in the deleted items view so the last published version of the item can be restored. Once the draft is republished, the version in the deleted items view is removed.

Items with references cannot be restarted in the workflow. References includes link components, link elements, and embedded links in rich text or HTML fields. You will need to remove these references before we can restart the workflow of the item. Use the view references dialog to see if references exist. This restriction is to prevent broken links appearing in the site.

Manager access or higher, or Reviewer access. Editor access or higher to the item type.

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