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Add content to the project

The content owner created the project. Now it is time to add updates to the project. Projects are used when we have more than one update to organize these changes for easy publishing at a later point in the project.

  1. Click Create in the site toolbar to add content, such as pages and applications.


      Create a page from a template. For example, if you create a page from the Articles template, a sample article and a list of articles are automatically added to the new page. After selecting a page template, we can name the page, determine where to insert the page, provide a unique page name, and provide information for other settings.


      Add applications to the projects that range from administration, collaboration, web content, and tools.


      Add blogs, wikis, and social content to the project.

  2. Click Page to change the layout of pages in the project, styles, page properties

  3. Click Projects to view and edit content added to the project. Other content authors can edit and collaborate on content in this project.

  4. To add content to the project that exists in a library on the site...

      More | Projects tab | Add to Project

Example: Add a new page from a page template to the project

  1. Create a new page to add to the Fall Conference project.

    From the site toolbar, click...

      Projects | Recent Projects | Fall Conference

  2. You plan to work with experts that are attending the conference on an article about new technologies.

    For the article to appear on the page created for this project, from the site toolbar click...


    ...to add a page to the project.

  3. Select the Articles template as a starting point for the page.

    This template contains a place holder article, and a view to display a list of the articles created on the page.

  4. Name the page with a friendly URL name.

  5. Decide where to place page within the context of where we are currently working.

  6. Click...

      Create Page

  7. Change the layout of the page to three columns. You plan to use the third column on the page for promotions.

  8. Click Projects, and see the Sample Article that was automatically included by the Articles template added to the Fall Conference project.

    Click the Sample Article and change the name of the article to New Technologies.

Example: Add existing content from a library to the project

Add an article to the Fall Conference about new technologies. The article exists in a library on the site. From the site toolbar, click...

    Projects | Recent Projects | Fall Conference | More | Add to Project library | Content | Articles | New Technologies | Finish

You see the new technologies article listed in the Contents area of Projects Overview.

Parent Projects: Organize and coordinate changes