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Portal V6.1.x on application server V7: clustered environment

Migration of a clustered portal environment occurs on a per cluster basis rather than a per node basis. To achieve high availability migration, the portal site must have a multiple cluster topology already in place. Replicated clusters must be in separate cells. We can also choose to migrate the environment with coexistence, which allows us to migrate the clustered source environment while keeping in production until the migration is complete. This migration scenario allows systems to keep running with less disruption and downtime to the users accessing WebSphere Portal. We can also migrate with coexistence when you do not have a multiple cluster environment.

  1. Install and augment dmgr
  2. Migrate dmgr
  3. Stop the dmgr and node agents on the source environment
  4. Start the dmgr on the target environment
  5. Upgrade application server nodes
  6. Set up unique UNICAST and MULTICAST ports
  7. Upgrade the ConfigEngine tool
  8. Migrate databases
  9. Upgrade the node profiles
  10. Web content post migration steps

Parent: Migrate from WebSphere Portal V6.1.x on a V7 application server
High availability systems