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Portal V6.1.x on application server V6.1: Updating portlets URL

After migrating the portal environment, verify and update as needed the portlets URLs. In some cases, portlets have the incorrect URL after migration. URLs can be easily corrected using xmlaccess.sh to export, update, and import the configurations.

Perform the following steps in the newly migrated environment.

Export the portlet configuration.

  1. Change directory where the WebSphere Portal tools are contained:

    • AIX IBM i Linux Solaris: PORTAL_HOME/bin

  2. Export the configuration using the provided sample file named ExportAllPortlets.xml by entering the following command:

      http://server.example.com:port/wps/config -out Server_config.xml
    • AIX IBM i Linux Solaris: ./xmlaccess.sh -in PORTAL_HOME/doc/xml-samples/ExportAllPortlets.xml -user wpsadmin -password foo -url http://server.example.com:port/wps/config -out Server_config.xml

    The exported configuration is stored in the XML file named Server_config.xml.

Verify output XML file and update URLs as needed.

  1. Open the Server_config.xml file and verify that all URLs are valid. This means that all the file that are listed in the XML file must be present and accessible in the specified locations.

    1. If the URLs do not match the actual location in your environment, update those entries according to the actual location of the files.

    2. If the files specified in the URL field do not exist in the migrated environment or are no longer needed in the configuration, remove those entries.

    If we are making the updates on a clustered environment, modify the XML file to remove the global-settings and services-settings entries if available in the file.

Import XML file with the updated URLs.

  1. Change directory where the WebSphere Portal tools are contained:

    • AIX IBM i Linux Solaris: PORTAL_HOME/bin

  2. To import the updated configuration using the Server_config.xml file that you just updates:

    • AIX IBM i Linux Solaris: ./xmlaccess.sh -in Server_config.xml -user wpsadmin -password foo -url http://Server.example.com:port/wps/config

  3. After the request has been processed, verify the import process has given the following return message:
    <status element="all" result="ok">

For clustered environments only.

  1. Resync the cluster from the dmgr console.

  2. Restart the Enterprise Applications from the dmgr console.

  3. Run the following command on the cluster primary node to activate the deployed portlets:

  4. Restart the portal.

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