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Portal V6.1.x on application server V6.1 cluster: Set up unique UNICAST and MULTICAST ports

Update the ports for the dmgr, node agents and appservers.

You may still have the source servers running and broadcasting services within the network. Note that after migration, the dmgr name for example remains unchanged. To avoid conflicts with the new target environment server and services set unique ports.

As a rule of thumb, increase by 100 the original port number. You still need to make sure the same ports are not used in the source environment.

  1. Open the WAS admin console and select...

      System administration > dmgr > Ports

  2. Update the following ports:

  3. Click...

      System administration | Node agents | node_agent | Ports

    ...and update the following ports:


    1. Repeat this step on all node agents

  4. Click Servers > Server types > WebSphere appservers > application_servers > Ports.

    The default value for application_servers is WebSphere_Portal however you may have more servers defined. You need to update the ports on all appservers listed.

  5. Update the following ports:


  6. Fully resynchronize the primary node:

    1. Click System administration > Nodes

    2. Select the check box for the primary node.

    3. Click on Full Resynchronize.

    For resynchronizing the primary node, the node agent on the primary node has to be running.

  7. Restart the dmgr and node agent.

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