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Migration overview

Migration is the process of collecting configuration data and applications from an earlier installed version of IBM WebSphere Portal and merging them into a newer installed version. So that the new environment is identical to the earlier environment. For the z/OS platform, the new version must be on the same server as the earlier version.

Migration is different from upgrading. With upgrading, you replace an existing installed out-of-date version files with current files. With migration, you install the new version of a product alongside of the earlier version and then copy data from the earlier version to the new version. Migrating information from the earlier version to the new version lets we use that information in the new version without having to re-create it from scratch. Migration also lets you carry forward customizations that were implemented in the earlier portal, so that we can continue to use them in the new portal.

WebSphere Portal also supports integration with additional products to extend core functionality. If the earlier portal environment is configured to work with one or more supported products that provided integrated features, you need to follow the migration procedures for the integrated product.

Migrated elements are not automatically upgraded to use features available in the new version. Taking advantage of new functionality that was not available in the earlier portal requires additional attention after migration is complete.

We can migrate to WebSphere Portal v8.0 from either Version 6.1.x or 7.x. See Supported migration paths.


Migration walkthru

  1. Prepare source and target environment
  2. Import source Portal Profile to target environment
  3. Connect target environment to copies of the Databases
  4. Upgrade the target Portal Profile
  5. Post migration steps

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