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Portal V6.1.x on application server V6.1: Disable automatic synchronization on all nodes in the cluster

In a clustered environment, IBM recommends turning off automatic node synchronization before starting the migration. When automatic synchronization is enabled, the node agent on each node automatically contacts the dmgr every synchronization interval. As you start migrating nodes, some of the migration-specific configuration for a given node might get replicated in the clustered environment. For this reason it is preferable to disable automatic synchronization and performing a manual sync up before proceeding with migration.

Disable automatic synchronization

  1. Launch the WAS admin console.

  2. Select System Administration > Node Agents in the navigation tree.

  3. Click nodeagent for the required node.

  4. Click File Synchronization Service under the Additional Properties section.

  5. Clear the check box...

      Enable service at server startup

  6. Clear the Automatic Synchronization check box selection to disable automatic synchronization feature.

  7. Click OK and Save.

  8. Repeat these steps for all remaining nodes.

  9. Select System Administration > Nodes in the navigation tree.

  10. Select all nodes that must be manually synchronized, and click Synchronize.

  11. Select System Administration > Node Agents in the navigation tree.

  12. For the primary node, select the node agent and click Restart.

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