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AIX cluster: Enable referrals for your LDAP user registry in a clustered environment

Referrals redirect object requests from one LDAP server to another when objects do not exist or cannot be located in a particular directory tree. You should enable referrals if the environment has more than one user registry existing on multiple servers or domains.

Configure the portal to use LDAP referrals

  1. Run backupConfig

  2. Open a UNIX System Services (USS) command prompt.

  3. Edit wkplc.properties

  4. Specify values for the following parameters:

  5. Save and close wkplc.properties.

  6. Create an LDAP entity type:

      ./ConfigEngine.sh wp-update-et-ldap -DWasPassword=foo

  7. Stop and restart servers, dmgrs, and node agents.

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