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Migrate v7 dmgr to remote v8 dmgr

  1. From target host, copy to the source dmgr host...


  2. On source host, stop the dmgr, and unarchive file...

      cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Appserver/bin
      cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Appserver

    Failure to copy the migration plug-in files to the dmgr can result in the following error when you try to upgrade the ConfigEngine tool: ADMG0007E: The configuration data type CellCompRegistryCollection is not valid

    If the dmgr profile location is not set to the default location...


    ...copy metadata_wkplc.xml in the compressed file to the actual dmgr profile directory...

      cp ./Appserver/profiles/Dmgr01/config/.repository/metadata_wkplc.xml $MY_DMGR_PROFILE/config/.repository

  3. On the target host, create WAS_V85_aix.ppc64_RemoteMigrSupport.jar...

      cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/migration/bin/
      ./ -targetDir /tmp

  4. Copy file to v7 source environment...

      scp /tmp/WAS_V85_aix.ppc64_RemoteMigrSupport.jar
      rm /tmp/WAS_V85_aix.ppc64_RemoteMigrSupport.jar

  5. On source host, extract, set perms, and run WASPreUpgrade...

    mkdir /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/supp_dir
    mv /tmp/WAS_V85_aix.ppc64_RemoteMigrSupport.jar  /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/supp_dir
    cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/supp_dir
    jar xvf WAS_V85_aix.ppc64_RemoteMigrSupport.jar
    chmod -R 755 /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/supp_dir 
    cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/supp_dir/bin/
    ./ /opt/IBM/backup_dir  \
                       /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/  \
                       -oldProfile Dmgr01 \
                       -machineChange true  \
                       -javaoption -Xmx2048m

    If you get an error, we can re-run with trace...

    ./ /opt/IBM/backup_dir  \
                       /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/  \
                       -traceString trace_spec  \
                       -traceFile trace_file  \
                       -oldProfile wp_profile_name  \
                       -machineChange true  \
                       -javaoption  -Xmx2048m

  6. On target host, copy backup_dir to /opt/IBM...

      scp -r /opt/IBM

  7. Log on to v7 dmgr console and make a note of dmgr cell and node name.

  8. On target host, create dmgr profile...

    cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/
    ./ -create   \
                        -profileName Dmgr01   \
                        -templatePath /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profileTemplates/management   \
                        -serverType DEPLOYMENT_MANAGER   \
                        -nodeName v7hostCellManager01  \
                        -cellName v7hostCell01  \
                        -hostName v8host

  9. On target host, run WASPostUpgrade...

    cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/
    ./ /opt/IBM/backup_dir  \
                        -profileName Dmgr01 \
                        -oldProfile Dmgr01 \
                        -username wpsadmin \
                        -password foo!  \
                        -replacePorts TRUE  \
                        -backupConfig TRUE  \
                        -scriptCompatibility TRUE \
                        -keepDmgrEnabled TRUE